How to Reuse Old Shoes?

We all are living in a world where resources are becoming extinct as a result of exploitation. People these days have become more aware of it and have started using them consciously. Also, we all are moving towards sustainable living where we don’t pollute the environment and start using eco-friendly products.

Not just using eco-friendly products, people have started recycling and upcycling many used products and turning them into something useful. Apart from clothes, a lot of people have even started upcycling old shoes, turning them into something useful. A lot of people are engaging in DIYs and reuse the shoes in various ways. 

Here are some of the ways through which you can upcycle the shoes and turn them into something that you can use later.

Redesign the shoes

Sometimes even if the shoes are in good condition, we might get very tired of using them for a long period of time and get bored wearing the same shoes again and again. In this situation, instead of throwing a perfectly good shoe, you can redesign the same shoes. You can change the colour of the shoes or add designs to them using fabric markers. If you are creative, you can also do embroidery in the fabric shoes if feasible. 

Shoe planters

If you want to add creativity to your garden, you can reuse your old shoes as planters for your garden. You can fill the shoes with soil and punch small holes at the bottom for drainage. You can add small succulents, crotons, and also cactus in them. You can change the colour of the shoes using spray paints and contrast them with the colour of the plant. This adds a creative touch to your garden as well as you would not have to spend so much money on planters. 

Donate shoes

If you feel like you have worn the pair of shoes too often or it cannot be worn outside anymore or looks dull, instead of getting rid of them, you can always donate the shoes. There are a lot of people who walk barefooted or who are in dire need of shoes but were not able to afford them. So instead of throwing the shoes, you can always donate them and make others happy. 

Turn them into sandals

Another way to reuse your shoes is by turning them into sandals. You might have shoes where the sole is in good condition, but the body might have been damaged. So instead of throwing them away, you can just take the sole alone and turn them into sandals. If you are good at stitching, you can add the fabric and sew them in the design you want. 

These are the ways through which you can upcycle shoes. These days, there are many companies that sell upcycled shoes and eco-friendly footwear that doesn’t cause any harm to the environment without wasting resources and materials. So even if you want to get new shoes, you can get the upcycled ones if you want to move towards sustainable living. 

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