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To contribute to social good, by creating a self-sustaining infrastructure that facilitates the provision of the basic necessity of footwear to everyone, forever, environmental good, by refurbishing discarded shoes with zero carbon footprint and economic good by giving employment to refurbish shoes.



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Save environment


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10 lakh footwear

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Each year, the globe produces 25 billion pairs of shoes. Regrettably, nearly none of them are produced responsibly, making the textile sector the second greatest polluter on the planet after oil and gas. This harsh fact was one of the primary reasons we founded Greensole Shoes and is what motivates us to right the ship. 

Because we know that between sixty and seventy percent of a pair of shoes' environmental imprint is due to the materials used, we've made eco-construction a core pillar of Greensole shoe development. Visit our website to discover more about the sustainable materials we've used to create our eco-friendly shoes. 

Plastic bottles that have been recycled 

Before deciding to buy vegan shoes online, you should know that the uppers of Greensole shoes are constructed from recycled plastic bottles or PET. You're probably familiar with it as the plastic used in food packaging and plastic water bottles (cringe). When PET is recycled, it is cleaned, ground, and melted to create a thread, giving plastic a second life and minimizing rubbish in our landfills. And, you may be wondering, when you decide to buy vegan shoes online, what happens to this thread? After then, it's woven into a variety of textiles to make them comfortable and fashionable uppers for Greensole shoes. The technology has advanced to the point that we can now replicate animal-based materials like leather and suede with recycled plastic. You'd never know they were recycled shoes if we didn't tell you when you order recycled shoes. 

Each pair of Greensole shoes, when you order recycled shoes, comprises between three and seven recycled PET bottles, depending on the design. Additionally, there is one point. Our PET supplier is certified under the "Recycled Global Standard," which assures the traceability of these materials' manufacturing lines. This is how we can manufacture recyclable plastic shoes. 


Each year, about 25 billion pairs of shoes are produced, contributing significantly to the textile industry's ranking as the world's second-biggest polluter. Because materials and production account for 70% of the carbon footprint of a pair of shoes, we are concentrating our efforts there first by employing recycled and bio-based components and streamlining the manufacturing process. This is why it is very smart to buy sustainable shoes. 

Why Choose Greensole When You Decide To Buy Vegan Footwear Online?

We are outdoor enthusiasts, prospective parents and committed to making a difference. That is why we want you to buy vegan footwear online from us.

We are always pushing established standards, asking about difficult issues, and seeking better answers. It is not simple, but if it were, everyone would do it, correct?

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What are vegan shoes made of?

Vegan shoes are made without any animal-derived materials, such as leather. Vegans despise things that have been tested on animals. Vegan footwear is made from various materials, including bamboo, cork, organic cotton, natural rubber, and recycled plastic.

What are recycled shoes made from?

One way to mitigate the negative effects of the recycling process is to build shoes from recycled footwear. The latter is comprised of a variety of materials and often includes rubber extracted from worn-out shoe bottoms. Fabric and canvas may come from other sources.

What are vegan sneakers?

Vegan sneakers have been gaining popularity for some time. Vegan shoes are made without any animal-derived materials, such as leather, wool, etc. They are made from recycled plastic, coconut waste, cork, canvas, other plant-based materials, etc.

What are sustainable shoes?

Shoes produced from plant-based materials are sustainable, indicating that they are completely cruelty-free. Natural fibres, upcycled materials, and recycled materials are examples of sustainable shoe materials. For example, the vegan leather business uses fibres derived from mushrooms, apples, and even cactus. In addition, cork and algae are being used to create shoe soles.