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Why upcycled shoes have now become A-list pursuit

Environmentally products are trending these days as everyone wants to do something for society. There are many brands who have involved themselves in recycling the products. These products look very classy and trendy. Among many, there are many companies that have engaged in producing upcycled shoes. Upcycling is a new trend which is loved by everyone. Many small entrepreneurs have come forward and initiated this trend. This trend has hit the Indian fashion-scape.

This involves using the old, discarded, or torn pieces and transforming them into better ones, which can be worn by adding value to it. The mix and matching of the design make it look attractive yet classy. Undoubtedly, discarded shoes are non-biodegradable and hence increase pollution. To reduce the amount of wastage and bring the discarded shoes in use is the best solution. According to the WHO reports, footwear is the largest marine pollution in water bodies where thousands and lakhs of pairs are thrown and discarded. The shoe material is almost plastic, which will take ages to compose. The upcycled shoe initiative has led to a decrease in the amount of wastage and given lots of job opportunities for poor people. This initiative has also helped thousands of children out there who cannot afford to buy a pair of shoes for themselves. Also, the government is showing big support for such initiatives and entrepreneurs. 

Following are some of the benefits of recycling or Upcycling shoes:

  • Less amount of waste- Reusing the shoes and adding value to them has helped many unprivileged people. This has reduced the waste as the discarded ones are transformed into comfortable shoes. This reduces the level of waste around us. The materials used to make shoes are non-biodegradable and increases soil pollution.
  • Preserve natural resources- Making any products requires natural resources, but when we use the discarded products, it limits the usage of the same. Even if we reuse the small elements of the shoes, it will make a huge difference. Hence, recycling shoes has helped in preserving natural resources.
  • Creative and unique- When the discarded shoes are designed, they are designed in such a manner that adds creativity and hence add value to it. This makes the shoes very classy and trendy yet comfortable. The shoes are uniquely designed for you, which you will never see anyone wearing the same.
  • Job opportunities- This has given many job opportunities to both men and women. These initiatives and small businesses have helped many poor people to earn their living by doing a good deed for people.

So, above are some of the reasons to go for recycled shoes. ‘Green Sole’ is a known brand for recycling shoes and transforming them into designer ones. They work to facilitate the provision of the basic necessity of footwear for everyone. To get online upcycled footwear, you can contact them and shop from their website. They are involved in many other CSR activities as well, such as opening skill centres, etc.

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