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Why Have Eco-Friendly Sneakers Become Popular?

Modern sneakers are comfortable eco-friendly shoes. Sneakers have become highly popular in our times because of changes in fashion as well as changing attire at the workplace.

Though there are many pluses related to sneakers, they carry a substantial disadvantage as well: they leave an enormous environmental footprint. Average sneakers comprise several parts and are tough to make: most sneakers comprise plastics that are not biodegradable.

In fact, as per one study, the creation of pairs of sneakers (running shoes) generates, on average, carbon dioxide of 30 pounds. The situation has become worse because many sneakers are driven by trends, implying that they are bought and thrown away relatively faster.

What are they?

Traditional sneakers are typically made from rubber, plastic, or leather. The industry for sneaker manufacturing is highly energy-intensive, generating a big quantum of greenhouse gases. In addition, around 80% of sneakers end up in landfills. It is tough to recycle running shoes because they are composed of several different materials. 

There is no tangible definition of what renders a sneaker brand sustainable or eco-friendly. However, most leading models are made of recycled materials such as rubber or plastic or materials that are renewable like cork or cotton. Though it is almost impossible to make a totally recycled shoe because of the many materials of its components, the majority of eco-friendly models happen to be a positive step towards the proper direction.

Another attractive factor is that no substantial difference exists between the performance of standard and most comfortable eco-friendly shoes.

Why shop for them?

These days, shoppers such as you may be devoting more attention to the place of manufacture of products and their environmental impact. Thus, shoe companies have more incentive nowadays to provide sustainable choices. There is more expectation regarding the transparency of shoe companies: what materials they use, how they create shoes, and their environmental impact.

 In case you are considering buying sneakers and wish to limit any environmental impact, buying eco-friendly shoes makes for a great option.

How to shop

The first factor to consider is whether the company is green washing its products. This refers to the procedure of marketing shoes in the guise of environment-friendly items, no matter what their authentic impact is. It is vital to look beyond the language of marketing of the brand and delve into the ingredients of the shoe. For instance, words like ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘sustainable’ on the label of the product do not signify anything meaningful.

In case you purchased sneakers created out of bottles of recycled plastic which disbands apart in a few months, this is practically lower in eco-friendliness than purchasing regular sneakers and being able to wear them for many years.

There are 3 main factors to consider when you are shopping for eco-friendly sneakers:

  • Shoes must be long-lasting and durable for many years.
  • Materials used for shoe may be recycled
  • Material components of shoes may be renewable.

Of course, it is vital to note the potential performance of the shoes. Though there may be some trade-offs, the performance of eco-friendly shoes is mostly as efficient as standard shoes.

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