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What Should You Know About Recycled Shoes?

Comfortable and stylish recycled shoes were tough to come by in the recent past. But today, making shoes out of recycled material and upcycling them after use is the latest trend in Circular Fashion. Best recycled shoes are exciting alternatives, combining principles of green living with style and fashion. 

 Several companies and designers who are environmentally conscious are focusing on footwear and looking out for new ways to design shoes that are both practical and attractive and cause much less harm to the environment.

Environmental issues with shoes

Shoes made with traditional methods may have a tremendous environmental cost. They not only utilize many virgin materials that expend many resources for growing and manufacturing but also may import them into the country from foreign shores.

Several issues are surrounding the overseas manufacturing of footwear. There are debates and controversies surrounding the health and working conditions of workers making the shoes as well as the lack of fair pay. There is also the issue of huge carbon footprint left because of transport of footwear to the country from foreign locales.

Another major issue with shoes is the difficulty of recycling them. Several shoes are created from different components like resin, rubber, plastic, and leather, and each of these has differing recycling needs. Thus, recycling of separate components of shoes seems impractical. Several local officials do not accept shoes for the process of recycling, and the shoes end up choking landfills.

Recycled shoes

Some companies and designers are subjecting the problem of recycling shoes to innovative solutions. One mode of neutralizing the negative impact of the process of recycling is to create shoes made of recycled footwear.

The latter is made of a wide range of materials and often features the rubber derived from old soles of discarded footwear. Fabric and canvas may be derived from different sources. For instance, companies create shoes made of 99% recycled material such as discarded jackets, prison blankets, parachutes, towels, military long-johns, scrap leather, car seats, and recycled rubber.

Though recycled shoes encounter the same end-of-life issues regarding recycling, because they were made out of waste materials implies that they helped reduce pressure on landfills. Additionally, being created from recycled material implies that minimal valuable resources were wasted during the process of manufacturing.

Other modes of recycling

In case you are a die-hard green activist, you can even create your own recycled shoes. For instance, you can learn to make your very own sandals using tires. They are a great way of recycling rubber, and soles have a good grip, rendering them practical for wearing.

Another idea is to breathe fresh life into old footwear. Instead of discarding old shoes, you can either pass them into a charity shop for recycling or add some decoration to embellish the old shoes. You may decorate canvas shoes with embroidery or beading, while leather shoes may be decorated with buckles and bows or even dyed to fresh colours.

Several shoes may even profit from an effective cleansing. Shoes that look dull and old can look brand new with a good scrub. Some shoes can even be machine washed. Leather shoes can be enhanced with organic wax polish. You can leave such polish on overnight to permit the wax to soak into the leather.

These are all top facts about best-recycled running shoes. The best part about such recycled shoes is that most of them are sent to places in the world where the poor cannot afford normal footwear, so that the recycled shoes help them stay comfortable and healthy.

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