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What Is The Cause For Recycled Shoes?

In the modern world, fashion trends in apparel and accessories are changing continually. The downside is that millions of tonnes of fashionable products like shoes are being dumped into landfills of cities, posing much environmental pollution. 

The solution to this problem is the buying and selling of recycled shoes. Recycled footwear is an exciting option, combining style and fashion with principles of green living. Several environmentally conscious designers and companies are transferring their attention to footwear and looking out for fresh ways to make shoes that are both practical and attractive yet serve to leave a small carbon footprint.

The following are some of the ways in which recycled shoes are transforming the world:

Plastic pollution

The number one polluter of the world is plastic. Every year, millions of tons of plastic are consumed, from discarded shoes to plastic water bottles. Such plastics choke both landfills and the oceans. One way to combat this issue is to buy objects made of recycled plastic.

Several brands which manufacture recycled shoes make use of discarded plastic bottles for creating long-enduring soles of sandals, athletic shoes, etc. When you buy a product created with recycled material, you will break the vicious cycle of pollution. By making this small step, we can help to save the oceans from plastic pollution. Seek brands that use recycled plastic so as to reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustainable cork

In the footwear industry, several companies make synthetic materials like foam to create their products. The downside to this is that such materials are produced from the use of harmful chemicals and fossil fuels which adversely impact the environment.

Therefore, it is good to seek eco-friendly footwear which replaces foam and plastics with natural cork or recycled materials. Such sustainable materials are not simply environmentally useful but also highly bouncy and comfortable beneath your feet. For instance, there are stylish shoe brands that use algae foam, natural cork, and recycled bottles of plastic.

Natural cork is not simply sustainable material supporting a clean environment; it can be recycled to create great footwear. As regards quality, cork gives excellent support to the foot as well as the right quantum of bounce.

Old car tires

When used car tires pile up, they pose a risk of catching fire and releasing poisonous chemicals into the air. Burning tires not only pollute the environment but also harm human health. Tires also pile up, choking landfills.

The good news is that there are several companies re-using tries to make footwear. The rubber of tires is a highly robust material that offers great traction. They are a smart choice for creating recycled shoes. Rubber is very shock-absorbent and so is a great choice for hiking boots and tennis shoes. 

Recycled footwear

Such footwear is made of a variety of materials. Examples are rubber from tires and fabrics and canvas from various sources. Another option is to make creative use of upcycled shoes, like converting old shoes into home décor items.

Though recycled footwear also faces the issue of recycling at the end of its life, the fact that they were created from discarded materials implies that it helped keep the latter from choking landfills. Additionally, being made of recycled materials also implies that minimal precious resources were used in the process of manufacture.

In sum, whether it is a hiking boot made of rubber from old tires or a canvas shoe made of recycled cork, recycled footwear is the smartest choice. Such shoes not only protect and keep the environment clean but are also trendy and stylish, like the recycled shoes from

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