Sustainable Footwear

What Does the Future of Sustainable Footwear Hold?

Sustainability is no longer a trend; rather, it has become a necessity— it is essential for both brands and consumers. Shoppers are increasingly conscious of their consumption habits and sustainable demand products. These consumers look for footwear that is more sustainably made. This section of shoppers is growing, so is the demand for sustainable footwear. Consequently, the producer will have to keep in mind the increasing demand for sustainability and act accordingly. This increasing demand has set the stage for the growth of sustainable footwear in the future. Let us see what the promises of this new future are.

Smaller companies have a higher chance to flourish

Though big brands and companies have also started to care about sustainability, their operations and plans are mostly oriented towards mass production. Although they do launch programs to release sustainable shoes, this doesn’t make up for a large number of shoes that they produce in a non-sustainable manner. Therefore, the future of sustainable footwear will be headed by smaller brands. This is because many smaller brands have already started to give importance to the production of sustainable shoes. By doing this, many such brands have also become quite popular. If this initiative by the smaller brands becomes successful, then it is likely that the big brands will follow their lead.

It will take us back to nature

In the earlier days, shoes were made with natural materials. This was before the invention of synthetic materials like polyurethane. In the future, there will be more use of natural materials in shoemaking, as they are more sustainable. For instance: sustainable shoemakers prefer to use natural rubber in the place of synthetic materials. Products like canvas, hemp, and leather can also be used to make footwear more sustainable. But it is important to source these materials in a responsible way. 

The use of sustainable production facilities

It’s great to create shoes using sustainable materials, but it won’t make a big difference if they are made in non-sustainable facilities. Major shoe companies are currently building factories in areas that use fossil fuels for power. They might also engage in practices that are harmful to the environment. Sustainable footwear means making sure that the entire process is sustainable. The sustainable footwear industry will have to use solar and wind power to power their factories and look at ways to reduce carbon emissions when selling shoes.

We will have shoes that last longer

Shoes that are made today aren’t made to last, and most people won’t bother to fix their shoes. Shoes that can be worn for longer will not overcrowd landfills. To make shoes last longer, it is important to choose materials that are durable. The design of the shoes also plays an important role in increased durability of the shoe. 

Although sustainable footwear only makes up a small portion of the current market, its appeal is growing with each passing year. When big brands start to notice that more people are demanding sustainable footwear, they too will; after seeing that people care about sustainability, they’ll try to produce sustainable shoes by using high-end technology, which will boost sustainable shoes’ production. This change will make more people, but such shoes and that sure will have a positive impact on our planet.

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