Vegan Shoes

What Are Vegan Shoes? Why Should You Go for Vegan Shoes?

You wear different types of clothes, and a pair of shoes just makes every look perfect. But the production of all wearables has some kind of impact on the environment, especially shoes because they are mostly made of leather. Leather can make a huge negative impact on the environment. Moreover, leather tanning is one of the most harmful sources of pollution in the modern age. Because of that, many manufacturers are now looking for alternatives, and vegan shoes have to be their best choice. Vegan alternatives are sometimes made from certain synthetic materials which are not entirely sustainable. Still, they are much more sustainable as compared to leather.

How are vegan shoes made?

Animal by-products are not used in the manufacture of vegan footwear. These by-products include suede, leather, silk, fur, etc. Vegan footwear is manufactured from various types of natural materials. Sometimes, vegan shoes use recycled resin soles instead of leather soles and insoles made from cardboard.

Why should you go for vegan footwear?

The biggest problem with the leather is its contribution to deforestation and other environmental problems. To create leather hides, animals must be raised in specific conditions. It is commonly assumed that the producers are only using hides from animals that were slaughtered for meat. But the actual meat consumption of these animals is not reflected in the amount of leather that is used. This means the leather that is used for the production of shoes is not just a by-product of the slaughtered meat but is also produced for direct consumption. This leather production process also impacts the environment by causing deforestation to raise the animals for producing leather. Moreover, the environment is being negatively affected by the chemicals that are used to transform hide into leather. 

If you buy these shoes that are made from leather, you are contributing to this process of deforestation and animal slaughter. But on the other hand, if you choose vegan footwear, you will be saving the lives of a huge number of animals and also will help in saving the environment.

Are vegan shoes eco-friendly?

Vegan shoes are made from petroleum-based faux products, though these materials have their impact on the environment; this impact is much lesser than the harm inflicted on nature due to the use of leather. This is because, in order to prevent the natural decomposition of animal hides, which are used to make leather, it is treated with very dangerous chemicals like hydrogen sulphide, chromium, and ammonia. Moreover, this leather has to be tanned, this process of tanning leather results in the emission of very toxic pollutants in the environment. On the contrary, faux leather, which is used for producing vegan shoes, is manufactured by keeping in mind environmental laws and does not cause any harm to animals. Therefore, even though vegan shoes are not the most sustainable option, they are a better choice than leather shoes.

If you are looking for a brand that provides vegan shoes and sustainable footwear, you can go for Green Sole. Green Sole has significantly contributed towards the use of sustainable and cruelty-free footwear. Our vision is to contribute to the social good and provide the basic necessity of shoes to people who can’t afford them. Moreover, we have a mission to donate to the needy and to create employment for women in villages.

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