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What Are Top Benefits Of Recycled Material Shoes?

The pair of shoes languishing in the back of the closet deserves a better new life. Whether you purchased them on a whim or realized later that they don’t suit your style or didn’t fit well, the shoes are not useless. Someone out there will appreciate donated or recycled material shoes.

Consignment shops and thrift stores will evaluate shoes you have donated and may even compensate you for the same. There also exist a few companies that will accept old shoes, recycle them and supply them to those in need. 

Some companies will create new shoes made by recycling materials like plastic and rubber. 

In fact, the sneaker company Nike runs a program to create gym floors, turf fields, and running tracks with old sneaker rubber.

Today, more people are recycling clothes and shoes than ever. But there is much opportunity for more. There are many benefits of recycling shoes, but the top ones are:

Clears landfills

Trashing old shoes costs us on several levels. It amounts to huge expenses for communities and cities to send old items to landfills. However, the real burden is the impact on the environment. Shoes can take decades to break down and decompose. After one trashes one’s shoes after the passing away of a fashion trend, these shoes end up choking the landfills of cities.

Apart from occupying space, landfills are sites hounded by pollution emerging from leaching chemicals from discarded shoes. This causes both land and water pollution. In case landfills incinerate waste, it will also cause air pollution.

Thus, it is evident that the lesser shoes we send to landfills by making use of recycled materials or recycling old shoes, we can lighten the load on landfills and protect the environment.

Clear your own clutter

The recent trend is that most of us desire to simplify our lives and retain only those objects and devices that are truly important. We can clear up much clutter in our homes and closets by bringing about a simple lifestyle in spite of the daily grind.

When we donate or recycle our old or less used pair of shoes, we reduce the noise and distraction of possessing too many things and help us focus on objects that truly matter to our lives.

Be charitable and help others

All over the world, millions of persons wear used footwear. When you recycle used shoes, it helps people who don’t have the resources to buy new ones. There are even companies that sell recycled shoes online.

We may have bought a pair of shoes just for fun, used them once or twice, and then discarded the pair. But this can mean a world to others- for poor kids learning soccer or a poor person attending a job interview.

Recycling old shoes is an easy and quick way to make a difference in the lives of people by simply donating to recycling companies any of those shoes which you otherwise might have thrown away.

Thus, recycling our old shoes or buying recycled material shoes is an easy and valuable process with numerous benefits like saving the environment from brimming landfills, clearing up one’s own closet, and helping other persons in need.

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