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What are the Benefits of Recycling Shoes?

Stylish shoes are easy to get, but stylish, comfortable, and sustainable shoes are hard to find. The latest thing in a circular fashion is making shoes from material which is recycled. People are less known of this concept where shoes are made for recycled material. So, if one wishes to buy stylish and comfortable shoes which are good for the planet as well, they can buy recycled shoes. There are many benefits to buying online recycled footwear.

Today, there are companies which use a material like recycled cork and recycled plastic bottles material and make shoes, instead of throwing the material into the garbage which ends up in high landfills. These companies make the same designs of shoes as the original designs. This is a circular fashion. There are many benefits to recycling shoes. Some of the benefits are-

  • Less solid waste in the landfills.
  • Reduces carbon footprint and displays sustainability and environmentalism.
  • Waste products are converted to value-added products.
  • Provides employment to semi-skilled workers.

There are many brands that are going further with this concept. Like, NIKE is everybody’s favourite shoe brand. It will be interesting to know that their collection, Space Hippie, is all made of recycled t-shirts and even plastic bottles. Moreover, Nike takes back your old shoes to Grind, and this material can be used to make sports surfaces and new products. Similarly, there are various other brands too, like Nothing New shoes, Thousand Fell, Native Shoes, Rothy’s, etc.

Other than recycled shoes, there are vegan shoes. Most of the shoes have an abundance of leather, whereas vegan shoes do not have any animal material or animal product. There are various benefits of vegan shoes. Some of them can be explained as-

  • These are animal-friendly products. Most of the shoes have surplus leather, whereas vegan shoes have no such animal product. Vegan shoes are animal friendly products. 
  • These are eco-friendly products. These products keep a low carbon footprint and are eco-friendly in comparison to the other products. There are various brand companies that want to deal with the global warming situation and sustainability issues. Unlike other brands that make shoes with leather, which emits huge toxins into the environment. 
  • These are long-lasting products. Shoes that are made from leather wear out early than vegan shoes. These are made from recycled cork, rubber, etc. These products are last long and keep the feet warm. These shoes look even better because they are made from materials that are durable.
  • Cheaper than leather products. Good leather means a more expensive product, whereas vegan shoes are cheaper and have good quality, which lasts long. 

Above were the benefits of buying vegan footwear. People who wish to buy these can buy them online. These products are eco-friendlier and more long-lasting. Circular fashion is a new trend and will be opted by many people in the future who want to contribute towards saving the environment. 

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