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Ways in Which Biodegradable Shoes Help Save the Environment

A huge chunk of solid waste produced in the world is composed of discarded clothes and shoes. It’s easy nowadays to buy a pair of shoes for pennies. But such low-cost items cannot be long-lasting. They tend to get damaged faster. As a result, you end up dumping them after a few days of use. Such fast fashion fixations have caused a lot of harm to the environment. In contrast, biodegradable fashion items, such as a pair of biodegradable shoes, are made in an eco-friendlier manner, and the products themselves cause no harm to the environment. Here are some ways biodegradable shoes can help save the planet. Find out-

  • Fashion nowadays changes faster than time. Sadly, fast fashion doesn’t last. But the manufacturing processes that are used for producing fast fashion items don’t just use up a lot of energy but also a lot of water. Also, harmful greenhouse gases get admitted during such processes, which contribute towards the water, air, and soil pollution, directly or indirectly. And that is why a lot of companies have started creating biodegradable shoes minimizing their carbon footprint. Such shoes are manufactured through less harmful manufacturing processes.
  • The easiest way to get rid of your old shoes is to dump them in landfills. If you didn’t know, landfills would release a lot of harmful gases known as landfill gases. Carbon dioxide and methane are just two of them. Not just gases, a lot of volatile organic compounds, detrimental to life, also get released. On the other hand, when you discard your biodegradable shoes, they turn into non-toxic resides, having no capability to do harm to mother earth.
  • Biodegradable shoes can be made with the exact amount of textile required, nothing in excess. Meaning, when such shoes are created, less waste is generated. This is one of the reasons why such shoes are able to ensure an exact fit for the wearer. 

Due to this quality, manufacturers have been able to create biodegradable shoes by following precise manufacturing processes. 

  • One of the major materials used for making shoes is plastic. Probably there is more plastic in your shoes than you can realize. Worse yet, some shoes are made of leather. This is a fashion trend that encourages the killing of animals. These material choices are not eco-friendly or sustainable. When you opt for biodegradable shoes, you discourage the production of shoes using plastic. This can bring about a big change in how we use plastic in our day-to-day lives.
  • Most of the plants that are used for making biodegradable shoes or even clothes, for that matter, can be grown without using pesticides. Plus, these materials are beneficial in myriad ways. For instance, they are fire-resistant and biodegrade faster, even faster than cotton. This makes the entire supply chain, not just greener but also simpler and easier to manage. Also, note that these manufacturing processes are dependent on fewer chemicals. 

Now that you know how eco-friendly biodegradable shoes are, there is no reason why you should look back at your fancy plastic-based shoes.

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