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Vegan Shoes Might Not be completely Clean!

We often turn around the pages of the tabloids to see that most of the celebrity figures are on a vegan diet. It helps them to keep in shape and also keeps them healthy from the inside. So vegan diet is quite common nowadays that is devoid of any direct or indirect animal products. But vegan shoes? Hold your seat back because this isn’t something that will take the heart out of your body. It is something that you should know.

Can You Believe Your Ears?

Yes. You are to believe your ears after you hear about the vegan shoes. Vegan shoes, like a vegan diet, consisting of products that discard any animal product utilization. It often excludes many traditional shoe-making methods that use leather, fur, and many other materials in their shoes. A special thanks to technology these days. It is because of which different varieties of artificial leathers are replacing animal leathers. Faux leather is a type of artificial leather. It is replacing the original animal-derived leathers in the shoe-making process. 

Are they Vegan?

You must keep one thing on your mind. No vegan shoes are environment friendly. The faux leather that finds useful applications in vegan shoe manufacturing is not environment friendly. It might be the fact that the frequency of animal slaughtering has been considerably decreasing. However, the processing and preparation of artificial leather have several environmental issues associated with them. It is one of the essential components of vegan shoes.

Traditionally the prime component of artificial leather consists of PVC has a toxic association with the environment. The toxins like chlorine and dioxins that the PVC releases into the atmosphere contribute to the environmental pollution levels.

Effects of Vegan Shoes on Environment

Safe but Unsafe– There is still a dilemma about the effects of the components of artificial leather. Advanced technology has led to the use of Polyurethane in making artificial leather. It has enhanced the overall quality of the leather that makes up the shoes. The PU leather in vegan shoes releases fewer toxins in the environment and makes your feet less sweaty. 

However, they are not safe. The basic materials that form the framework of the PU leather of the vegan shoes have their roots back in fossil fuels. The use of non-renewable energy resources has put pressure on the environment and slowly enhancing its degradation.

Think from Micro-Level– One of the major threats of our environment nowadays is microplastic. If you think that you are contributing a lot towards environmental protection, you are wrong. Vegan shoes composed of artificial leather are also not completely safe for the environment. The particles of the plastic also find application in the making of vegan shoes. Plastics usually have long shelf lives and are almost non-biodegradable. The microparticles of plastics that make vegan shoes take years to biodegrade. It will make the situation worse for the environment.

The non-biodegradable plastic particles might enter the food chain and pose a threat to the animals. It will cause havoc to ecological biodiversity. More research needs to highlight the actual good and the adverse sides of vegan shoes.

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