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Vegan Shoes and the Sustainable Materials with Which They Are Created

Summers are here, and if you haven’t upgraded your shoe closet yet, it’s high time you did. But before you put your shades on and go shopping, ask yourself, “How many times have I thought about the materials in my shoes?” We are worried about the cost of a pair of shoes, how stylish they look, and probably how durable they are. But we are never worried about the materials in them being harmful to the environment. Can eco-friendliness be a criterion to hinge one’s shoe shopping decisions on? Yes, it can and should be. There is no dearth of cruelty-free and eco- friendly shoe varieties these days. All you need is to choose a style that suits your personality, and you are good to go.

Let’s now talk about the materials used for making vegan shoes-

There are sustainable materials options using which stylish and durable vegan shoes can be created. These materials are extremely high quality. They are so good quality that the shoes created out of them don’t just turn out beautiful but also super sturdy. Note- if they weren’t good quality, there wouldn’t be as many fans of vegan shoes in the world as there are today.

First, no vegan shoes are made of materials like sheepskin, suede, silk, fur, wool, and leather. Even glues used to stick surfaces together are vegan in nature, meaning they’re not animal derivatives. Some of the most important vegan materials out of which eco-friendly shoes are manufactured include the following-

Vegan leather-Animal skin used to create leather products doesn’t just point at a cruel means of production, but also an extremely unsustainable one. So, designers have come up with leather alternatives to produce shoes that look and feel like leather but are non-harmful to the environment. Vegan leather can be made of a lot of plant-based materials such as grape skin, cactus leaves, mushroom caps, banana leaves and stems, pineapple leaves, apple pulp, teak leaves, and polyurethane.

So, you see that a lot of plant-based materials are used in the manufacturing of vegan shoes. And the good news is that scientists are constantly trying to discover more materials to successfully use for vegan shoe production. 

One thing that you need to note here is that not all vegan leather options are created the same way. For instance, Polyurethane leather might be the most accessible or the most cost-effective option, but it’s a plastic product that does not biodegrade. 

However, environmentalists argue that it is still a better option than animal skin, as it is not obtained as a result of animal cruelty.

  • Cotton canvas-

Cotton canvas is extremely popular because of its versatility and durability. And since it is breathable, it is ideal for almost all types of shoes, especially those meant for casual wear. This material is primarily used to make boots, sneakers, and flats.

  • Cork-

Cork is a plant product. It is derived from the bark of trees and is an amazing vegan shoe material. The best thing about cork is that it is waterproof and durable. And that is why it is a favourite among manufacturers for making adventure shoes. Since it’s got its own unique appearance, it also looks stylish. Cork is antibacterial in nature and is biodegradable. What more? Cork shoes cling to the feet perfectly and are easy to maintain.

The bottom line is that vegan shoes are the order of the day. And the abovementioned raw materials can help manufacturers produce amazing eco-friendly shoes for sustainable fashion choices. What else? By owning a pair of vegan shoes, you will be able to flaunt your fashion sense in a guilt-free manner.

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