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Top Facts About Sustainable Shoes

In modern times, most people are trying their best to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable practices. This could be in terms of recycling, using organic beauty products, or natural cleaning products. The fashion industry is a leading culprit behind environmental pollution. As such, the concept of sustainable fashion has gained credence.

Sustainable fashion includes the use of sustainable shoes. Sustainable fashion is not a fresh concept but has gained much momentum in the previous few years. More manufacturers of sustainable shoes are popping up, and the movement is growing to be mainstream. This bodes good news for people’s health, the planet’s health and promotes a sustainable lifestyle.

A personal journey to sustainability

The path to a sustainable lifestyle is unique for each person. One must consider what issues matter the most for oneself and use them as a guide to a sustainable lifestyle. Would you want to shun animal-derived products, called a vegan option? Do you like to use products that did not pollute the environment during the process of manufacture? There are many such options for sustainable shoe brands which can help you protect the environment in your own way.

Options for sustainable shoes

Now that one has discovered one’s personal definition of a sustainable lifestyle. It is time to consider various shoe options.

In case one wishes to use cruelty-free products, one can go vegan. This means that one totally avoids animal-derived products. For instance, one can use plant-based footwear materials such as faux leather instead of real leather made of animal hide.

Another way to use sustainable shoes is to use recycled shoes. Even sneakers made of recycled plastic fit this bill by preventing the choking of landfills by discarded plastic.

Another sustainable option is to use shoes made of bio-degradable material. These are organic materials that will degrade naturally into the earth. There is no need to recycle such sustainable shoe brands.

You must consider not only the brand of shoes but also the supplier. Responsible suppliers do not use chemicals in the manufacturing process as well as do not exploit and oppress Third World labour. Raw materials are made using methods of organic farming. Labour has compensated adequately and worked in humane conditions.

One can also seek shoes with the least carbon footprint. Such shoes are created with minimal pollution and emissions.

Reasons to buy sustainable shoes

  • Good for the planet

Makers of sustainable shoes are taking huge steps towards being highly sustainable via the process of production, raw materials used, design and quality of products, transport process, etc. Non-organic cotton is a major culprit because of the quantum of water, pesticides, and chemicals used in its cultivation. Leather is another polluting product that releases chemicals to water bodies after production. Opting for sustainable shoe brands made of organically grown products is thus friendly to the environment of the planet.

  • Good for consumers

Green manufacturers are intent on producing footwear that is conducive and safe for human health. The more organic and sustainable the products, the less are the contact with harmful and toxic chemicals.

  • Less waste products

Sustainable shoes imply less waste on several levels. Production involves the use of less energy and less natural resources. Though such shoes may have an initial high cost, they will prove to be endurable and cost-effective in the long run. The capacity to recycle such shoes adds to their longevity.

In sum, these are some top facts about sustainable shoes.

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