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Top Brands Executing CSR Responsibly

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility permits big and small companies to make a positive change in the world. Companies execute CSR not only to enhance their bottom line but to gain customer trust. Many companies are today on a mission to do good.

CSR not only builds a social movement and a more sustainable and inclusive economy but also helps companies gain benefits in their consumer marketing and recruiting endeavours. A 2019 survey found that 77% of customers surveyed are motivated to buy products from companies devoted to making the world a better place. Thus, even for-profit companies are becoming encouraged to align with good social programs and relevant causes.


Common examples of CSR efforts are:

  • Lowering carbon footprints
  • Taking part in fair trade
  • Enhancing labour policies
  • Inclusion, equity and diversity
  • Charity in global giving
  • Community volunteering
  • Protection of environment
  • Investments that are environmentally and socially conscious

Leading CSR initiatives by brands


In 2007, Google became the first company to achieve carbon neutrality. After 10 years, the company also accomplished its target of 100% renewable energy. It is now the biggest corporate purchaser of renewable energy on the planet. The company is notable not only for such green initiatives but also for its outspoken CEO, Sundar Pichai. The latter has stood up for issues like anti-Muslim comments of former US President Donald Trump.


This pharma pioneer has focused on reducing its impact on the planet for the last 3 decades. Their initiatives range from exploiting wind power to offering clean and safe water to worldwide communities. This company still pursues renewable energy options, setting objectives like getting 100% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2025.

  • LEGO

Their dedication to CSR may be a bit recent, but the degree of commitment made by this Danish company renders it a shining example of CSR. In 2020, Lego group announced an investment of $400 million in the next 3 years to CSR. The sustainable materials program of the company will focus on the expansion of the use of bio-bricks. By 2022, the group also aims to reach 8 million children worldwide with learning through play. By the end of 2025, they are going to phase out single-use plastic bags and install solar panels in every one of their factories.  

They aim to transform fashion choices with their recycled shoes. They donate recycled shoes to children in need, especially in rural areas of India. In this effort, they also create employment for rural women. They recycle discarded shoes and change them into fashionable and comfortable footwear. Thus, they stop the choking of landfills with discarded shoes. They are supported by the CSR initiatives of many companies. 


This brand focuses much on sustainability. The key areas are agriculture, packaging, and climate, along with quality and conservation of water. They follow the credo- ‘a world without waste’ ensuring that their bottles are 100% recyclable. Their target is that by 2025, they will lower their carbon footprint by 25 %.


This company has adopted a 3-pronged approach to global disasters: grants, product donations, and access to solutions. Grants have been provided to countries like Haiti impacted by hurricane Mathew and the global refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the company devoted $5 million to help enhance the management, treatment, and diagnosis of patients. 

In sum, these are some of the best CSR initiatives by leading brands in the world. 

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