Sustainable Sneakers

Sustainable Footwear that Keeps you Stay Ethical and in style

We are always in search of things that look stylish but at the same time do not impact our environment. As people are getting more aware, they are getting more adapted to the things which help the environment. Many things can be recycled and can be vegan. Because of its amazing benefits, this is becoming the most preferred choice of people. The era of fast fashion is fading because people are opting for sustainable products that are produced in environment friendly ways. Seeing this, many brands came forward and have started producing sustainable footwear for all the men, women, and kids.

Sustainable footwear helps in reducing the waste to be sent in landfills, conserving natural resources, safeguard animals, save electricity, reduce co2 emissions, and decreases water consumption. If you want to give back something to the environment, you can do one of the best things. There is nothing great than helping in keeping the environment clean. 

Investing in this footwear is just equal to investing to save the planet. This footwear is just like the normal ones in comfort, style, and cost. Not only this, they look very fancy and can be easily styled. They come in plenty of designs at much affordable costs. This also turns out to be the best gift option for your loved one. So this way you will make your loved ones and your environment happy.

Following is the list of sustainable footwears that will help you do your bit:

  • Denim shoes- Denim shoes are always in fashion, no matter winter or summer. They are easy to style as they go with everything. The sole of the denim shoes are made from discarded corks, and the upper body of the shoe is made from the rewashed canvas of dye print. These are quite breathable and are always in great demand.
  • Flats- Flats are used regularly, so it is important to have good quality. The sustainable flats are durable and look great even if you wear them at the beach. The sole is made from recyclable rubber. The insole has a cushion feel, and the straps are padded.
  • Slip-on flats- These slip-ons give a very comfy yet trendy look and go with every dress. Different prints in these flats make you look stylish. The foam insole will give you a very comfy feel. The upper part of the slippers is made from the rewashed canvas with a dye print.
  • Sneakers- When in doubt, sneakers are the only footwear option for your rescue. It looks super trendy and changes the whole look. The sole is made up of the discarded sole remelted and moulded. These shoes come with a padded insole for comfort.

So above are some of the sustainable footwear options for you. For more, you can reach out to ‘Greensole’ as they are known for the best handcrafted, vegan, recycled, and sustainable footwear. They give life to the discarded shoes to make the best out of them.

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