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How Vegan Shoes Promote Cruelty-Free Fashion

With the climate clock ticking away in all parts of the globe, people are rethinking their choices for products and services. One major cause of climate change and global warming is the destruction of flora and fauna.

Concerns about animals are growing. In this regard, there is much use of the term- ‘vegan’. Many items in the market, such as clothing, food, and shoes, are claiming to be 100% vegan. So, what is meant by vegan? It simply implies that the product has been made without any animal content in it.

This is a major concern as animals have always been tortured and exploited for the sake of various consumer products. As such, the vegan community is growing all over the world. People are becoming more conscious about their choices and how they impact the earth.

Veganism is not just about our diets; it can be followed in our clothing and footwear. One can help reduce one’s carbon footprint by making conscious choices with regard to shopping behaviour and daily tasks. One way to do this is by opting for vegan leather than animal leather.

Many arguments have been put against vegan leather, such as high price, unattractiveness, less fashionable, and few varieties. But these are disappearing with time; today, there are several vegan brands out there that are stylish and affordable.

If you wish to help in the conservation of the environment, it is a great initiative to switch to vegan products. Following are some advantages to switch to vegan footwear:

Animal friendly

Vegan shoes are made of products that are either extracted from plants like rubber, bamboo etc., or recycled material. Manufacturing such shoes completely avoid the use of animal skin or animal-derived glue. Products are also not animal tested. In case more consumers demand vegan shoes, there will be less demand for animal-based products, resulting in reduced exploitation of animals.


Most big brands cause much damage to the environment, contributing to global warming. Companies making vegan shoes are taking all measures to protect the environment. They are taking all corrective measures to reduce the waste and carbon footprint of all their factories.


Animal leather shoes wear out quickly. Vegan shoes are made of materials that are strong and weather resistant. Vegan shoes are made out of hemp, bio-based polyurethane, corks, recycled rubber, etc. These help keep the feet comfortable and dry for a long time.


Vegan shoes are relatively cheaper than animal-based shoes. These shoes are worth every penny spent on them. Since they are affordable, you can build up a bigger collection of shoes in your closet. There is a huge variety of vegan shoes to shop from, and you can select the best ones for you.

Better looks

Vegan shoes are made out of a variety of materials that can make them look more attractive than animal leather shoes. You can avoid the problem of deformed shoes following few times of use after purchase. But vegan shoes last longer and thus look more attractive, even after regular use.

Thus, these benefits of vegan shoes point to the need to switch to this option. They help avoid needless exploitation of and cruelty to animals. It is high time to opt for such environment-friendly consumer choices. 

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