Vegan Shoes

How to Care For Vegan Shoes

The threat of global warming and other environmental concerns have made the use of authentic leather shoes unpopular. More and more people are making the conscious transition from cowhide footwear to vegan shoes.

What began as a small movement from a decade back to reduce the carbon footprint has captured the hearts of many persons. Currently, with vegan diets, eco-friendly fashion is becoming synonymous with sustainable living.

It is quite understandable that selecting vegan is growing more popular than natural leather wear. Every year, the leather industry slaughters billions of animals, and this happens mostly in countries like China and India, which lack proper laws for animal welfare. 

Animals are killed inhumanely to cater to the whims of the fashion-conscious. Besides these factors, there are also environmental risks connected to greenhouse emissions. In fact, there is deforestation in the Amazon jungles to clear space for lucrative livestock.

Thankfully more and more people are aware of such gross facts. People are shifting their shopping preferences to cruelty-free shoes and other fashion articles made of organic cotton, recycled plastic, and wool that is ethically sourced instead of animal fur and leather. 

Caring for vegan shoes is slightly different from leather shoes. The following are some tips to care for vegan shoes:

Surface dirt

You must wipe away any smudges or dirt from your vegan shoes as soon as they are soiled. It may not be tough to remove dirt from micro-suedes, patents, and mattes, provided you don’t allow the time for dirt to seep in. Such marks can be typically removed by making use of wet wipes or slightly dampened cloth made of microfiber.


The stains on suede shoes that are still wet can be pat dried using a paper towel. A better idea is to cover the stained area with some salt, such that the salt will absorb the stain. In case of dry stains like coffee, clean the area gently using a soft brush. You can also use a micro-fibre cloth that is well wrung and dampened with lukewarm water.

Take care not to use too much force while scrubbing since you want to avoid scraping the suede material of your vegan shoes. You must totally air-dry the vegan shoes before wearing them because you don’t want too much dirt to stick to them.

You might also like to use mild dish soap diluted with water to clean both shoes and their accessories. Make use of a white rag to prevent the transfer of dye and gently blot away stubborn stains. The cloth must be wrung totally such that no excess liquids go into the non-stained parts. Else, you can use a toothbrush with soft bristles.

For removing oil-based stains caused by cosmetics, dyes, and inks, you can wet a cloth with equal parts of vinegar or ethyl alcohol and water and gently blot such stains using small and circular strokes. This can be repeated many times till the stain has been removed.

Afterward, apply a small amount of coconut oil. This helps to re-condition the faux leather of vegan shoes.


In case the vegan shoes have been subject to scuffs, you must treat them with water-based shoe paint and avoid the spirit-based type. Use a damp cloth to clean the shoes with warm, soapy water and scrub with circular and small motions. Apply a spot cleaner in case the scuff is not removed as expected. It must be used with caution so as not to strip the colour of the top layer of the shoe. 

Apply the paint in affected areas. Two coats are adequate if shoes are scuffed badly. For uneven colour, apply a coat of solution onto the complete shoe. Finish the process with the application of vegan shoe cream or coconut oil.

In sum, these are some tips to take care of your vegan shoes.

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