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How Footwear Industry is Taking a Step Towards Sustainability

As responsible citizens, it is high time that we should start believing in sustainability. 

Sustainability means using the resources in such a manner that does not affect the needs of the future generation. Sustainability is making the best of all the available resources. People these days are getting aware and mindfully shopping for things. Consequently, many brands have come forward and taken the initiative in this direction. Among these, many footwear brands are also doing a great job in recycling the old footwear and using the discarded things in the making of footwear.

If you think recycled footwear isn’t comfortable or will be expensive, you are all wrong here. Recycled footwear is comfortable like the normal ones and is very easy on the pockets. It is always said that a small thing can bring a huge change. Also, if you want to do something for the environment, buying recycled, eco-friendly and vegan footwear is the right thing to do. Many top footwear brands have understood its need and are constantly working on getting the best out of the discarded materials. Also, these products are plant-based which means there is no animal exploitation. You can find a variety of footwears like sneakers, slippers, slip-ons, flats, and much more. You can easily customise them as they look very fancy and stylish. Also, they are very durable, which is why investing every penny in these products will be worth it.

Following are some of the reasons why the footwear industry is jumping into sustainability:

  • Turning garbage into useful things- Know that the sole of the recycled footwear is made from the discarded cork or from the sole of the discarded shoes. The insole is a cushion based which will give you complete comfort. The upper part of the shoe is made from discarded clothes or recycled rubber. So everything is put into use which is often discarded by us. In simple words, this adds value to the waste products.
  • Economic development- This has helped in creating opportunities for the people. This does not require skilled labourers. A simple training session will be great to learn and know the process. This initiative has led to many employment opportunities and also promoted the economic development.
  • Environmental impact- Many big brands are recognizing the need to get into sustainability because of its amazing benefits. This has led to a decrease in animal exploitation. Also, there has been a great reduction in the usage of water.
  • Lower production costs- Also, the production cost incurred is very less. The raw materials are not very expensive, and the process is also not tough. The brands go for semi-skilled labour, which does add up to the costs.
  • Demand- As the demand for recycled footwear is increasing, brands are looking at this situation as an advantage. Working on high-demand products always works great for the brand as it helps them in increasing the revenue and also helps in creating a reputation.

So above are some of the reasons why footwear brands are stepping into the world of sustainability. One of the well-known brands named ‘Greensole’ is working great on recycling the footwear. Their main aim is to recycle and save the environment. You can check them out online on their website.

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