Grab your hands-on recycled shoes for men and contribute your bit in preserving the nature

The reckless actions of humans have left huge carbon footprints on mother earth. It is time to adopt a green way of living so that we can preserve the gift of nature for our future generations and create healthy surroundings for living a better life. For the greenway or sustainable living, we need to make small conscious decisions and changes in our day-to-day lives. It’s all about the choices that you make.

While you might have heard of sustainable clothes and accessories, sustainable shoes are an altogether newer concept—we at Green sole offer recycled material shoes for men. The idea behind the inception of the brand is not just to create a green way of living but also to offer the basic necessity of footwear for everyone. We refurbish the discarded shoes with zero carbon footprints and thereby offer employment to several people for the refurbishing process. 

  • We offer footwear to the children in need and also empower women from weaker sections of society via our skill centres. 
  • Our refurbishing process transforms the discarded shoes into comfortable wear. Thus, old shoes are recycled and made into new ones.
  • The recycling of shoes also prevents old shoes from going to the landfills. 
  • We also retail the recycled shoes for building a self-sustainable social venture. 

The team behind Greensole

Greensole is an initiative by Shriyans Bhandari, CEO & CO- founder Greensole and Director Heritage Girls School. Shriyans has many feathers on his cap. He is an articulate speaker, ardent marathon runner, and author. He is passionate about bridging the social, economic, and environmental gap via his initiative Green sole. 

Under his guidance, the venture has received appreciation letters from former American President Barack Obama and respected Sir Ratan Tata. The venture has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Vogue, and BBC, among others. Under his leadership, Greensole has a promising future. 

Our Story

Shriyans Bhandari and Ramesh Dhai have run several kilometres every year. While their shoes would get worn out every year, the soles were in good condition. They always wondered if it was possible to recycle the soles. After some research they got the idea of refurbishing old soles into trendy slippers. And that’s how the eco-friendly enterprise came into existence and got its name- Greensole. 

In 2018, Green sole began its skill centre in collaboration with Tata Steel and Lion’s Club Noamundi. At the skill centre, we train, skill, and employ underprivileged people. We train them on how to use the machinery for the refurbishment process. At present, the skill centre supports 6 families, and we aspire to train more than 100 people every year. We are planning to open 30 such skill centres across India. For accomplishing our goal, we seek support from prominent corporate houses the way Tata Steel has taken the initiative. 

You can shop online recycled shoes mens from our webpage. For more information on our social venture and donation of shoes, explore our webpage. 

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