Sustainable Footwear

The Case for Donating Clothing

When one needs something to wear, they probably head over to their closet and pick out the clothes that fit or that they like. They must discard or donate what doesn’t work anymore. But do they really know what happens to old clothes? Today, we throw away a lot of clothes and other textile items […]

Corporate Social Responsibility

Multifarious CSR Ideas for Companies

(CSR) is the concept that businesses should make good investments in their employees, communities, and the environment. Money, time, resources, skills, and policies could all be used to make these investments. Charitable contributions, environmental policies and consciousness, sustainability practices, volunteer opportunities, and workplace labour policies are all examples of social responsibility in the workplace. The […]


CSR Initiatives in Times of Covid in India

The Covid-19 disease has disrupted the world in a tremendous way. The WHO has deemed it as a worldwide pandemic. The world has seen unprecedented developments like social distancing and lockdowns. Most companies in India are playing a substantial role in enforcing and encouraging social distancing as well as contributing money to PM Care’s Fund, […]