Vegan Shoes

Top Benefits of Vegan Shoes

Even as vegan fashion is transforming from the trend of niche to mainstream, vegan shoes are turning into a favourite for the fashionista. This industry is growing steadily, with new footwear brands of the vegan kind being launched every year. Whatever be the type, like stilettoes, sneakers, or hiking boots, vegan shoes are becoming popular with consumers. […]

sustainable shoes

Top Facts About Sustainable Shoes

In modern times, most people are trying their best to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable practices. This could be in terms of recycling, using organic beauty products, or natural cleaning products. The fashion industry is a leading culprit behind environmental pollution. As such, the concept of sustainable fashion has gained credence. Sustainable fashion includes the use […]

recycled material shoes

What Are Top Benefits Of Recycled Material Shoes?

The pair of shoes languishing in the back of the closet deserves a better new life. Whether you purchased them on a whim or realized later that they don’t suit your style or didn’t fit well, the shoes are not useless. Someone out there will appreciate donated or recycled material shoes. Consignment shops and thrift stores […]