Corporate Social Responsibility

Why Does CSR Matter So Much In Modern Society?

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility serves as a challenging aspect of every business in modern society. Companies that inculcate CSR as part of their values and culture enjoy happy customers, motivated employees, and a high reputation in the corporate world. In contrast, companies that act unethically stand to risk negative publicity, penalties, and fines. Most […]

vegan footwear

What to Do with Old Shoes?

Out of style, outgrown, or outworn, old shoes are a reality to deal with at some point in time. Footgear that is no longer required poses a dilemma, unlike recycled or repurposed items such as empty bottles of plastic or second-hand clothing. A green-minded person has three options to deal with old shoes: Re-use/ Restore, […]

Sustainable Shoes

3 Tips for Sustainable Shoes In 2021

In 2012, a study explored how people judge the traits of an unknown person based on the shoes he or she wears. They found that shoes reveal the person’s features, age, and income. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? So, the first thing people will notice about you is your pair of shoes. Your shoes will give them […]