Vegan Shoes

How Vegan Footwears Are Eco Friendly?

People have become more aware of all the environmental hazards they were creating and have started making wise choices. Most of them are avoiding plastics and have started recycling and reusing degradable materials. And it may not occur to you, but it is possible to purchase environmentally friendly footwear too.  Every aspect of your life […]

Recycle Shoes

What Should You Know About Recycled Shoes?

Comfortable and stylish recycled shoes were tough to come by in the recent past. But today, making shoes out of recycled material and upcycling them after use is the latest trend in Circular Fashion. Best recycled shoes are exciting alternatives, combining principles of green living with style and fashion.   Several companies and designers who are environmentally conscious […]

vegan Shoes

Why Have Eco-Friendly Sneakers Become Popular?

Modern sneakers are comfortable eco-friendly shoes. Sneakers have become highly popular in our times because of changes in fashion as well as changing attire at the workplace. Though there are many pluses related to sneakers, they carry a substantial disadvantage as well: they leave an enormous environmental footprint. Average sneakers comprise several parts and are tough […]