Sustainable Shoes

The Case for Sustainable Shoes

With the growing awareness of consumers, the demand for environmentally sustainable products is rising with every passing day. This applies to the case of products like shoes. Fashion trends are being impacted by vegan and recyclable shoes. Fast fashion in the shoe industry is being replaced by sustainable alternatives created in environmentally friendly modes. Noting […]

Eco friendly sneakers

Top Ways to Find the Perfect Shoes for You

Your footwear embodies your personality besides offering safety and comfort for your feet. When shopping for shoes, you need to have more than fashion in mind- you will opt for something functional and which feels good for your feet. The following tips will help you find the perfect footwear for you, whether it is slippers for […]

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Vegan Shoes – A New World of Sustainability

The Vegan Shoe Men: Animal-free footwear is referred to as a “vegan shoe.” Products that have been subjected to animal testing are likewise excluded. In addition, leather, wool, fur, and several glues are not included in this list of materials that have historically been used in shoe manufacture. Shoes that are environmentally friendly and long-lasting include […]

recycled shoes

What Is The Cause For Recycled Shoes?

In the modern world, fashion trends in apparel and accessories are changing continually. The downside is that millions of tonnes of fashionable products like shoes are being dumped into landfills of cities, posing much environmental pollution.  The solution to this problem is the buying and selling of recycled shoes. Recycled footwear is an exciting option, combining […]

Vegan Shoes

Top Benefits of Vegan Shoes

Even as vegan fashion is transforming from the trend of niche to mainstream, vegan shoes are turning into a favourite for the fashionista. This industry is growing steadily, with new footwear brands of the vegan kind being launched every year. Whatever be the type, like stilettoes, sneakers, or hiking boots, vegan shoes are becoming popular with consumers. […]

sustainable shoes

Top Facts About Sustainable Shoes

In modern times, most people are trying their best to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable practices. This could be in terms of recycling, using organic beauty products, or natural cleaning products. The fashion industry is a leading culprit behind environmental pollution. As such, the concept of sustainable fashion has gained credence. Sustainable fashion includes the use […]

recycled material shoes

What Are Top Benefits Of Recycled Material Shoes?

The pair of shoes languishing in the back of the closet deserves a better new life. Whether you purchased them on a whim or realized later that they don’t suit your style or didn’t fit well, the shoes are not useless. Someone out there will appreciate donated or recycled material shoes. Consignment shops and thrift stores […]

Environment with Recycled Footwear

Contribute to the Environment with Recycled Footwear

Gone are the days when people used to buy what attracted their eyes. People are getting much aware and trying to contribute in any way to the environment. Sustainable preferences have led to amazing changes in people’slifestyle. Know that there is nothing better than contributing to our mother nature. We owe to the environment, so […]

Vegan Shoes

Why is this the Right time to Choose Vegan Shoes?

These days’ people are very conscious about what they are purchasing. Gone are the days when people usually pick thingscarefree. People are getting more aware these days and refer to doing mindful shopping. We all love our mother nature, so just as a contribution to it; many are switching to the vegan products. Many things […]

Sustainable Sneakers

A Guide on Eco-Sustainable Shoes

We all want to live in a clean environment, though we forget to take care of it. We usually read about the increasing pollution but hardly do anything about it. It is important for us to make ourselves aware of the measures we can take to protect our environment. Sustainability is the only key to […]

Sustainable Footwear

The Case for Donating Clothing

When one needs something to wear, they probably head over to their closet and pick out the clothes that fit or that they like. They must discard or donate what doesn’t work anymore. But do they really know what happens to old clothes? Today, we throw away a lot of clothes and other textile items […]

Corporate Social Responsibility

Multifarious CSR Ideas for Companies

(CSR) is the concept that businesses should make good investments in their employees, communities, and the environment. Money, time, resources, skills, and policies could all be used to make these investments. Charitable contributions, environmental policies and consciousness, sustainability practices, volunteer opportunities, and workplace labour policies are all examples of social responsibility in the workplace. The […]