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While buying a pair of Greensole, you also contribute towards our long term vision of footwear and other essentials for each one. Which means, a part of the revenue from your purchase would go towards upcycling and donating footwear and also other essentials to the children in need and in opening skill centers. Moreover, the footwear are trendy and made from sustainable materials. So with Greensole footwear you can both look good and feel good as you take a step towards sustainability.


Greensole would donate back to school kits comprising of sustainable bag, mat, mask and slippers, to children in need on your behalf. Refurbishing and logistics cost of donating each kit is Rs. 750/-

You can sponsor for as many children as you want. Your donation is tax deductable so 80G certificate is available on request.


Donate your old footwear to Greensole, which would be used to upcycle and donate to the one’s in need.

One can courier us their used pairs of shoes for recycling on the following address:

Greensole, C/O A460 Ram Fashion Exports,MIDC, Mahape, Navi Mumbai- 400710.

We recycle all shoes except the ones with heels and kids footwear (i.e. below age of 9 years). One can also organize shoe collection drives in their societies, clubs, schools and locality and courier us the shoes.

We also have few regional collection centers in India.

Locate The Nearest Shoe Collection Center

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

How do I dispose of old shoes?

If you are unable to recycle your footwear via your local retailer, check for local shoe banks or shoe recycle collection boxes to ensure that your old footwear is being reused. You may also give used footwear.

Can we donate our shoes?

There are several charitable organizations and donation programs that take used footwear. They provide a means to avoid environmental harm caused by shoe disposal. Whether you're looking to get rid of old shoes or clothing, donating them will put them to the greatest use possible.

Where can I donate my boots?

Shoes are one of the primary causes of closet disorganization. However, it is never a good idea to dispose of them, particularly if some of them are still in usable shape. Notable is the high demand for shoes among charity and homeless shelters, and Greensole offers a platform for shoe donations.

Is it good to donate shoes?

It is always preferable to give your shoes instead of throwing them in the garbage, where they would ultimately end up in a landfill. The manufacturing procedure for a pair of shoes must go through further consideration. Creating shoes requires a great deal of energy and water.


You can also organize crowd funding campaigns in your societies, clubs, schools and locality. We accept cheques in the name of “Greensole Foundation” and online donations as well.

Crowdfunding is an innovative way and practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, via a crowdfunding platform. We have tied up with, a unique crowdfunding platform. They teach crowdfunding as science which will help you make a much bigger impact.